History & Background

Before coming into current phase of success treasury directorate has gone through a long journey. Directorate was established on 03.04.1965. Before the foundation, all functions of the directorate were handled by financial department of administration. As the work responsibility of treasuries was increasing government decided to establish a separate Treasury Directorate which it should be resulted in the foundation of the directorate and Mr. N.C Ray the Deputy Secretary (officer of UP Secretariat) was appointed as the first director. After his retirement Mr. Balwant Singh was appointed as the director on 17.02.1968. and Mr. Bhagwant Maan was appointed as the deputy director along with Mr. Birendra Bahadur Srivastava being appointed as the stenographer. After these appointments, the works of treasuries got smoothen. The first office superintendent of treasury directorate was Mr. Kedar Nath Jain. In the starting days, directorate office was established in the secretariat but after the appointment of Deputy Director and Superintendent, Office was shifted to Lalbagh, Lucknow in 1966 in a rented building. Here the work of directorate got started smoothly. Very first superintendent Mr. Kedar Nath Jain, former officer of directorate Mr. C.F Daniel, Mr. N.C Saxena, Mr. B.D Saxena and many more played an important role in the success of directorate. In the starting years of working each and every employee worked hard for the success of the directorate and they succeeded in making the directorate an eminent Organisation of the state. It’s because of the employees that today directorate is serving better.

The importance and the responsibilities of treasuries kept on increasing with the passage of time. With the increasing work in state administration the responsibility of treasury directorate also get increased which resulted to the space problem as the premises of the directorate was small. At the same time building of Jawahar Bhawan was on construction. Hence, in 1977 treasury directorate was shifted to 10th floor of Jawahar Bhawan.

In the 90’s treasuries’ traditional way of working had got changed. To access the new technology, help of NIC was taken and treasuries get computerized and almost all manual works had stopped. By the year 1998 whole work of treasuries was took over by computers. With the guidelines of directorate, data base of pension of state retired employees get prepared and their pension get transferred directly to their accounts. From year 2013-14 online payment facility was provided to the treasuries, which proved beneficial.

Treasury directorate will always be thankful to some of his employees without whom this Journey of Success was impossible. Late. Mr. Chandrika Prasad, Lt. Mr. Bahori Lal Lt. Mr. Mahendra Kumar Singh, Lt. Mr. Prem Shankar, Lt. Mr. Ram Shankar Singh, Lt. Mr. Nanhe Lal, Mr. S.P Mukherjee who played a very important role in making the organization successful. From the establishment to the current position of the directorate these people had an important role. Without the contribution of these people it was impossible to make the directorate successful. And we do have hope and full confident that directorate will keep on succeeding in the upcoming days.