Transparent Working

To keep transparency in our working system we follow the working procedure which has been determined the administration. From initial level of working to the finalization of work, we maintain the records, which are authentic.

To maintain the transparency department has created several software while collaborating with service provider, which will help the department and employees to access the required information and service. For different responsibilities department has authorized different officers who are eligible for the concerned duty, and will be fully responsible for each working.

Beside this, to maintain the transparency in the working, equally monitoring is also been conducted by senior authorities of the department.

A proper hierarchy is maintained for the smooth working of department. Recruitment of employees is also been conducted on certain criteria. Candidates are selected after certain after fulfilling that certain criteria, like examination, interview etc. and after approval of concerning authorities a unbiased recruitment is done.

For betterment of our working system, we have also provided the option of Feedback, where anyone can give his feedback or suggestions to us, on basis of which, we will try to improve our management and will rectify our errors.

We have also provided citizen charter on our website through which a citizen can know his rights and responsibilities and can act accordingly.