Centralised Data Management

In December 2014, “Rajkosh”, the portal for Government receipt was launched by the Finance Department. This website enabled the people to deposit government dues, examination fee, etc. using net-banking or credit cards. Depositors could also generate chalan and deposit the amount across the counter in agency banks using the website

Moving Towards Centralized Treasury System :

In decentralized mode, it was getting increasingly difficult to run the treasury application because of following reasons :

  • Changes made in treasury software were required to be applied in 78 different locations (treasuries) individually.
  • Budget allotments made through centralized application, were required to be transmitted to 78 different locations and were not available in treasuries on real time basis.
  • Data on Koshvani website was to be fetched from 78 different locations. Real time data was not available.
  • Individual NSDL subscriber master files were required to be uploaded by respective treasuries.
  • Monthly input files were to be collected by FSD from each treasury every month, in order to prepare outputs for the Finance Department.
  • Budget masters files, supplementary budget files were to be sent to all treasuries, which were required to be uploaded by them.
  • AG GPF masters files were to be sent to all treasuries, which were required to be uploaded by them individually.
  • On hardware side, it was getting difficult to maintain standalone servers, O.S., DBMS and database at 78 different locations.

Keeping in view the problems mentioned above, Government decided to establish a Central-Server for real time changes/updation in software/database for all the 78 treasuries. Therefore, under Mission Mode Project, a Central Server for treasury applications was setup in NIC, Yojna Bhawan, Lucknow. Another backup server to keep the backup of treasury data, was installed in Financial Statistics Directorate (FSD), Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow. 24 treasuries have already been shifted on central so far.