Advanced Automated System

With the change of the scenario, we are planning for a better future of the department and our citizens. Some of the important developments department is going to implement are:-

Computerization of Government Payments

In year 2012, government introduced e-payment system for all government payments and consequently treasury cheques became nonexistent. For petty payments banker cheques are issued by the banks in favour of DDO. Banker Cheques are also issued by banks in case of failed transactions. In this system, beneficiary file and transaction file are uploaded on SBI/Allahabad Bank net payment website by DDOs. The treasury, after passing a bill, authorizes its payment on the Bank website.

While making e-payments, if the beneficiaries are account holder of bank other than SBI then it has been observed that the banks are unable to check the correctness of IFS Code as well as account number of beneficiary before making transaction. This results in failed transactions in large number for which bank drafts have to be issued by banks. To overcome this problem, an attempt is being made to use Public Finance Monitoring System (PMFS) platform, which has MoU signed with more than 100 banks, for verifying the correctness of beneficiary file.

Computerization of bill preparation and bill submission

Before computerization, all the bills were prepared and submitted by DDOs manually. After computerization, a pay bill preparation software applicable to all government departments, was developed with the liberty of getting the bills prepared in treasury or outside treasury. Only NPS paybills are compulsorily prepared in treasuries. The bills and schedules prepared with the software, are used as inner-sheets of the paybills, whose cover page is still prepared manually on traditional treasury bill forms.

In order to maintain an updated database of all employees at State level, it is essential to get all pay bills prepared in Treasuries only. But, centralization of bill preparation could be inconvenient to DDOs as well as treasuries. To overcome this, a web based application has been developed. In this system, access is proposed to be given to all DDOs, so that they can prepare and submit their bills online. DDOs can create employee database online and can also update it as and when required. DDO will also be able to generate their bill token No. online, and the transaction file for e-payment will also be generated through the system. The cover page of bills will also be computer generated and it will replace traditional printed bill form. Treasury will not post the bills manually, but will use auto posting option to pass the bill.

Computerization of Pension (e-pension)

At present, the pension sanctioning procedure is computerized. Pension papers, along with service book are sent by the Heads of Offices to the Pension Directorate or divisional Addl. Director, Treasury and Pension offices. These offices generate PPO/GPO/CPO using a software and send them to concerned treasury where payment is made to the pensioner. In a proposal sent by Pension Directorate, the Heads of Office will submit the pension case online using a web based application. Thus will be based on the employees database, already available on treasury server for the purpose of paybills preparation. The pension sanctioning authority will generate PPO using this application and will transmit it online to concerned treasury for payment and SMS will also be sent to pensioners.